Materials for Captain America shield

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    I need ideas for a Captain America shield.

    The first thing i need is the material. I need something durable, as the shield will be used for airsoft, but not like this: Backyard Airsoft Gun War 1 - YouTube

    The airsoft I'm doing is more like this, except not not on such an enormous scale. OKI6 Preview Video - YouTube

    I'm going for the Captain America look in the new Avengers movie. (Avengers Assemble), and the costume is mostly done.
    I also really need to figure out how I should do the handles. I was thinking of using old lunchbox straps, but I am unsure if they will stay on in-action.

    Another issue is size, as it has to be big enough for someone 5,4", but not TOO big.
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    alot of guys use steel saucer snow sleds, they run about $30 on amazon. If you were looking for something lighter i would just use a plastic one and paint it up. As far as the lunchbox straps, I wouldn't go that route. The straps will for sure break, especially playing airsoft. You could use aluminum and leather, not too tough to deal with if you are just going to go for function over screen accuracy.
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    Good luck getting Vibranium. ;)
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