Masters of universe suit armor


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Hello all!
This is my first post here,

Im trying to built a Masters of universe suit armor, but not a He man armor,
i decide to build a Skeletor troop armour...
To can do this, i need pics in good quality of them, i need our help please!

Masters universe troops image by theoriginalironman on Photobucket

I began the fabrication of the asuit armor in fiberglass, i know this process
(i never use the vaccum process, and im not sure if i cant do well)

I have buit the chest and the legs..
To built this i made a negative of myself using plaste, carving this negative i can do the mouldings and details, and very important, oversize the negative to can wear in the future

Next week i try to post some images


Hello, i am also a great Fan of the Skeletor Troopers from the Movie.
I work on the same Armor but with Sheet Metal and have some good Screens of the Troopers.








You can see the same Armor Suit in the B Movie, Space Chase from 1990 without the Shoulderpads and with a different Underwear and Boots.
So you can see more Details from the "Mainarmor".



For the Helmet i use a M42 from the German Wehrmacht, you can buy the Helmetclock in Germany for under 100€. There are also some good "Replicas" under 100€ in Reenactment Stores and the cheaper Pastwar Version from the German M42, used from the Bordertroops after World War Two. Its Easy to Modify the Helmet!

M42 Helmet

Im sure you can also use a cheaper German Fireguard Helmet M34, but its more work and some Versions are not made of Steel.

For the Chest Armor i think ii take a Football or Icehockey Chestprotector for Modifying.
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Many thanks to all,
im for all contributions, its very appreciate for me the back of the armour,
in MOTU its soo difficult get a decent capture because most of the movie its soo dark, (and have bad image quality)

I found some mistakes in my breast armour; the bigest its a negative form of the low side..
I need too modify the separation of shoulders, now its soo big...
madoejohn1488, thank you soooooo much lol!
for the helmet, i have a cheap plastic chinese helmet-hat for childrens, its very similar that M42, but 98€ more cheap ;)
Beacuse its made in plastic i can easily modify with resine

To do the chest i used a copy of my body in plaster, i think its the easiest way to do
That armor looks great!! I'm working on a He-Man fan film project right now, that is going to have a few of the original 80s actors in it. Would love to talk to you about possibly helping out with some costumes if you are interested!
I returned to continue my work with the armor, I finished the pads helmet and breastplate. Put some images of the progress:
In some days i hope to finish one armor, finally ill to do a pair of armors; the soldier, and a officer (with layer)
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