Masters Chameleon Arch FOB watch under glass


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Ok all you who junkies and junkets the Masters Chameleon Arch FOB watch
Arrived some time back, the one I have is a limited addition of 1000 made of metal construction and is slightly smaller than a standard pocket watch, the engravings on the front are not true engraving but more of a metal stamp than an engraving, but never the less they are still quite good.
Once you open the front dust cover of the Masters Chameleon Arch FOB watch, it has a reflective glass display of galifrayan symbols that only a Time Lord can read.

To display the Masters Chameleon Arch FOB watch I have used a dome glass display that I order from the web matrix at:
Overall the Masters Chameleon Arch FOB watch I give 8 out of 10 nice unit to have and display, to finish it of, I will place the Seal of Rassilon at the base of the inside of the glass dome to give it some meaning.
In the US you can get the Masters Chameleon Arch FOB watch from:]
Doctor Who The Masters Deluxe Fob Watch - Underground Toys - Doctor Who - Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth
• Time is of the essence!
• Get time on your side with The Master's Fob Watch!
• Engraved metal Doctor Who-inspired timepiece.
• Features a light-up feature and solid chain.


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I've been thinking about adding this one to my collection. I already own a series of pocket watches and this would fit in nicely with both the sci-fi stuff and the antique pocket watch stuff.
I have 2 of them, got the other by over ordering, so one is under the glass display and the other I use as an everyday pocket watch.
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