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Star Wars Master Replicas Plaques & Plaque Stands ONLY

Buy now for 345 USD
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For sale here are original/authentic Master Replicas Plaques & Plaque Stands ONLY. The prop, COA and original packaging is not included/available. Only the plaque and plaque stand in the photos provided are included. The prices below does not include shipping. I am selling them individually OR as a group if desired. Please DM me if you are interested and for a shipping quote.

* MR ANH Luke Lightsaber Plaque = $135.00
* MR ROTS Obi-wan Lightsaber Plaque - $75.00
MR ESB Luke Lightsaber Plaque = SOLD
* MR ANH Storm Trooper Blaster Plaque = SOLD
* MR ESB Luke Blaster Plaque = SOLD
* MR ESB Vader Lightsaber Plaque = SOLD

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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