Master Replicas Force Fx Lightsaber Tv Commercial


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Very cool and smart of them.

Although...those sabers CANNOT take that hard of a whack. It was obvious that the actors were pulling their strikes.

I'd hate to see 2 guys try that and after 3 minutes be like..."What the...?" when their sabers stop working.

I have one and LOVE it, but would never do heavy strikes with it.


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Master Bob, I beg to differ....

I have a Luke Force FX and a Vader Force FX, and during a break in a photoshoot I was doing to promote the Jedicon here a friend of mine and I fought longer and faster than these guys, and knowing how to do it it´s perfectly safe for the blades and the LEDs inside.

Pulling the strikes? Most likely. Can´t fight with it that fast? Oh, yes you can.


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You can fight quite fast with these but a hard hit direct on can knock out a LED or two. I have the damaged sabers to prove it. :/
But my son Mike and I have gone at it pretty hard without damaging them. You will mark up the poly carbon blade with scratch marks although they can be polished out using the Novus acrylic polishes. Its better to try glancing blows or practice pulling up slightly at the last second to preserve the blades.


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The voice over guy sounded just like the cheesy 70's commercial for "Mr. Microphone". :lol

"You might expect to pay thousands of dollars... But wait... There's more. The FX Saber by RonCo. Buy now and we'll send you the priceless display stand for FREE. But that's not all... If you promise to tell your friends about the FX Saber we'll even through in a beautiful storage box that come adorned with professional color images of your new FX Saber. Why wait? CALL NOW, operators are standing by." ;)

Nice to see MR putting out some more mainstream commercials but I agree, this one was pretty low budget.


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That commercial was hilarious.

"Prepare to be amazed..."

I'm happy with my MR product but that commercial was lamesville.


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I thought it was hilarious myself.

Though I bet the fans could put together a MUCH better commerical for MR.


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that was cool. Definetely reminded me of the cheesy 80's commercials.

"Act Now. Operators are standing by for a limited time only.."

and then have the little timer on the phone number page, lol.

"And if you call within the next 10 minutes....."

franz bolo

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That was so so so so so so lame.. . . . and misleading.

They should have ran a contest for some fan to make the commercial. It would have been so much better.



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Originally posted by Kris@Apr 6 2006, 07:16 PM
After seeing it,I'm actualy thinking of making my own MR FX commercial  :p

I'd love to see someone do that. Maybe advertise more than just the Anakin and Vader sabers? Let us know if someone does it.


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Yeah, I expected to hear " slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries." :p

Also, I seem to remember that MR specifically posted warnings in their literature not to duel/hit with it for risk of damaging the blades/LEDs....


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GOOD IDEA Lets make our own fan made commercial..

Who is down.
I can edit the commercial and fiml a few sceens,and you guys send me sceens and we make it happen.


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It's only $125?? I expected that I'd have to pay thousands of dollars. :D

It looks like a joke, but it isn't. That's how you know it's bad.