Want to Buy Master Replica mirrored display base or similar.


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I recently unpacked a Master Replica Stormtrooper Blaster, only to discover that the mirrored display base had one of the acrylic display arms snapped off. The damage involved the cracking of the mirrored base, itself, as well as the arm.

I was wondering if somebody has an extra base, they are willing to part with?

Or, can somebody make a replacement base for this particular prop replica...of the same quality (or better)?

Please let me know. Money is no object.

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I am not sure if this would work, but I have the mirrored base for the rebel blaster. Is the arms still salvageable on yours?

if so, and you are interested in mine, you might be able to attach your arms to the base of the one I have
might be too much work,but I thought I would offer as the case does not have the acrylic cover and it sits in a corner. I had planned on tearing the rebel blaster down to do a custom,so the base is not imperative to the project.