Master Personnel Destruction Assistant (Build 2)

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    This is my second build of what I have dubbed the MPDA (Master Personnel Destruction Assistant)

    I had to teach myself to model this in 3D (using 123D Design) and was fortunate enough to get a bunch of close up pics from the day it hit the DWE. As you can see the design went through several versions before arriving on one that's SA. I also accounted for adding a pair of iris diaphrams. I then had Shapeways print the prototype in plastique and cobbled it together with a 1W & 3W led circuits as I wanted to debut it at Timegate. ATM I have it the prtotype modified to fit a droid 2 and am planning a new version for my droid 4

    mpdawip4.png mpdawip3.png mpdawip1.png mpdawip2.png
    mpdawip9.png mpdawip8.png mpdawip7.png mpdawip6.png
    mpdawip10.png mpdawip12.jpg mpdawip11.jpg mpdawip13.jpg mpdawip14.jpg
    mpdawip15.jpg mpdawip16.jpg

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