Master chief help please. 3D print files required.

Hi everyone.

I am in the final stages of my Master chief suit from Halo 5 and I have started on the under suit. I want it to be as similar as the game character and have gone down the route of a neoprene material which looks ok. I have been trying to sculpt and mould the belly armour and I'm just not happy with what I am getting because its a very symmetrical and "Manufactured" area and even with rulers and straight lines the finished clay sculpt still looks wonky and non symmetrical. I made a Plaster mould from the sculpt and the cast went really well (Although it took 4 days for the latex to fully cure) I need a Mould that will give the symmetry required. Its going to be around 5mm of latex material moulded in it so I am wondering if anyone knows someone who might be able to produce a 3D printed mould? I have access to a 3D printer so its the file that is required?
Does anyone have any suggestions or names of someone who might be able to produce a 3D print file for me?


HB999Belly armour 3.jpgBelly armour 2.jpgBelly armour 1.jpgPhoto 24-02-2018, 16 24 19.jpg