Master Chief Gear - Paintball Style


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This is one of my areas where I've sacrificed details for functionality and practicality. However, I am happy with the results.

My helmet, which has gone through a history of variations, from steel to fiberglass, is finally to the point where I am pleased enough to set the project aside. My sculpting skills were not enough to fulfill this project, so I used a Halo 3 Legendary helmet display as my base. First came the plaster-wrapped version:


Next I peeled the wrap off from the existing helmet and managed to piece it back together as best I could, and then mended pieces with more wrap. I coated the interior of the shell with Turtle Wax (which worked amazingly well) and fiberglassed it as much as possible. Once hardened, *most* of the shell came away easily.


And with a little luck, some hardware pieces, and paint, here we are. It's lacking in the traditional details of Master Chief's helmet, but the idea is there.


And the interior -


And the gloves that I use - nothing special, just a couple of aluminum pieces...

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