Master Chief Armor Costume Project


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I have seen some super results from people who have made
elven armor from LOTR.
Why cant master chief armor be made the same way
I have seen pictures here on this forum of a guy who made his
MC armor out of card stock that was printed off his printer
I forgot what the program is called that can print out the
wire mesh info from the game to print out the parts for his suit.
I think that there was even a link to a site for the program used in
printing out the wire mesh patterns, but I cannot find this thread
any where here.

So why cant we do the same thing using the same print outs as
templates on foamies and building a suit of MC armor.

May be even make it a group costume project.

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If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. I LOVE costumes built out of cheaper materials that come out looking amazing. To me not everything has to cost a fortune to look good.


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Originally posted by ShadowSniper@Dec 23 2005, 03:23 PM
Sorry for my ignorance, but what is "Foamies".

heh I was gonna ask the same thing, only foamies I know are the kind you put in your ears for blocking sound, and I would think those would be a bit small for armor :p


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In the craft stores they are called foamies
and they are sheest of eva foam used for
craft projects, I have seen pics of elven armor from LOTR
made from these foam sheets.
Check the link for a better idea of what I am talking about
EVA foam


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Originally posted by TK648@Dec 22 2005, 12:02 PM
Why cant master chief armor be made the same way
I think for costumes, most people tend to want something that at least feels functional. I know plastic wont stop a bullet or plasma burst, but plastic isn't squishy either.

Foamies seem to be a medium more likely used in the anime cosplay arena, vs prop builders. But I suppose it varies by what your intended use is. How well would foam armor stand up to a day of walking around and people jumping on you to take photos? It just seems like a lot of work for a temporary costume.


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I'm one of the folks who made elven armor using this method, so I guess I'll chip in here. :)

How well it works depends on what kind of armor you're trying to make. It works dandy for weathered-type armor, but you're never going to be able to get the kind of super-glossy surface that would be required for, say, stormtrooper armor. It's never going to look as nice as sculpted, molded, cast armor - you just can't get the same kind of detail and finish.

On the other hand, it will let you make some very nice budget armor. It's also very accessible to people with limited experience and equipment. And depending on your skill, you can get very nice looking results.

Durability - well, I certainly wouldn't make something archival quality with it. I'm sure that the foam will deteriorate eventually. But as for durability while wearing, if you use a flexible finish, it's surprisingly tough. Mine stood up to a full day at Dragon Con, but more importantly it stood up to a Summer Reading Program party with 50 screaming kids, so that should tell you something. It may not seem durable, but the flexibility means that it doesn't crack or shatter. It's also cheap and easy to make replacement parts if necessary.

I was also the only elven archer in our group who could sit down and even take a nap in her armor, so I have to give it high marks for wearability. ;)

There are a few pics at my tutorial and I can provide some more if you want.


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jen, yes...the ONLY elf among us who could sit. The rest of us...well...just leaned on things - lol .

Joe, in defense of the foam, I do have a kid up here in Elgin who did something to his armor that actually hardened it and was able to get a gloss coat of paint on his elven shoulder. The result was shiny . I will ask him for yah, what he did...I THINK he painted it with some sort of hardening adhesive first - but I will get back to yah...btw- merry christmas bud...also to you Jen...also to everyone in THIS THREAD ALONE ... muhwahahahahahaha
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