Mass polishing cold-cast metal?


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Hi all! New to the forum, long time periodic lurker.

I was curious if anyone has any experience or ideas on how to polish a large number of items that have been cold-cast. I have a very large number, 400+ individual components to cast, polish and assemble in the next month or so. Most of the parts are small and relatively quick to polish but some are quite large (~13"x7.5"x1.25"). Unfortunately I am unable to share any photos of the current pieces due to NDA restrictions, though I will happily share them once everything is live. Polishing them by hand with steel wool is taking far too much time (57+hours for all of the bases!). Is there a faster way to do this or do I need to add "Create time machine" to my TODO list?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or ideas!


Kevin Gossett

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I use a polishing wheel on my drill press with polishing compound. Works much better than steel wool


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Thank you for the suggestions guys. I was previously under the impression that polishing resins on a wheel was not all that great, good to know different. The tumbler is a good idea for the smaller parts. Anyone have any ideas on what medium would be good for this? I'd prefer something that would not knock down the edges too much.

I have found in my additional testing that dusting the mold with the powder prior to casting makes it a good deal easier/faster to polish vs the gel coat or direct cast methods.