Mass Effect Shepard armour & weapons


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Hey, all! Pretty new to the RPF, not as new to building, if a little more low-tech about stuff. I'm currently trying to work up to a full suit of armour for a "male" Commander Shepard for Otakon 2015 at the end of July, but between working in the lab, living in a dorm with limited access to tools plus a small budget, and the amount of time I have left between now and then, I'm not sure I'll get that far! This is my first time building anything bigger than a pauldron, so it's mostly an experiment to see what works, anyway.

Currently, my plan without the armour is to have a helmet, an omni-blade, and at least one weapon, so I've selected the M-98 Widow. I'm about 80% of the way done with the helmet which needs to be sanded on a day less rainy than today (along with three pieces to-be-attached), and I'll be setting up the design for the Widow at the latest on Monday before I go to the lab.

A couple pictures of the helmet (paper, blood, hot glue, and now a sand-able sealant to cover up all the holes):