Mass Effect Mantis Sculpt


Started the second week of November.
Here I poured a resin base mold to hold the first pins, shaft, and barrels in place

Third week in November I poured the rest of the body and the mini molds. The mini molds I poured in a foam board frame in stead of clay because the clay was cheep and I had to dremmel it off the resin... dont use cheep clay...
The time between pours is mainly because of not having heat or lighting in my shop

(I had a different build that ate up a couple of my weeks. Then I had to set up for a show with friends)
Second week of December
Steal bracer pins were added to any possible weak points. And some sculpting, but not a lot

Third week of December
Stacked all the molds. Filled and flushed it all out with bondo

Started sculpting out the details

Took a break for the holidays
Second week of January
Used pvc bits for the barrel guards and the main structure of the front sight.
Sculpted the sights hollow. Drilled and chiseled chunks out of the body where the sights would attach. Then sealed them in to place and filled them with resin to lessen the chance they might snap off so easy.

Here is where I am now
Resculpting all the details. here is a comparison. (new on bottom). Next I am going to cut about four inches off the barrels.Then I think it will be good to go to paint


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