Mass Effect / Final Fantasy cross over : Garrus Vakarian

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Hi guys! I hope you're all doing alright. I think this is my first thread here hahaha well, i'm just passing by to share with you all my latest cosplay. I was invited to participate in Puerto Rico Starcon's Elite Cosplay Challenge. So for this event, I managed to make this cosplay in a month. Lots of hours were poured into this between building and designing since It's based on the Turian Ghost armor set. I'll post some photos and whatnot. I'm happy to say I made it into the top 5 and it has motivated me to keep going and improving my work! :)

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So here goes!

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I was going to do a duo cosplay with a friend cause Ali Hillis (Lightning Final Fantasy 13 and Liara from Mass Effect) and Jennifer Hale (Shepard) were the guests for the event. The idea was to do a cross-over/homage and take selfies with them hahaah so that's where the idea came from. Since my friend was going to cosplay Lightning with Terminus Armor, I agreed to be Garrus with hints of Odin's (Lightning's summon) design.

I sketched out a silly idea based on the basic Turian armor, but decided to with the Ghost set later on. Since one of Square Enix's most notable characteristics is the amount of detail and design they pour into whatever they make, I took that as my main starting point.


Garrus's face is a .pdo file I got in the Pepakura library. What I did was resin+fiberglass, add a little paper mache and then sculpt over it with cold ceramic. Paint job was done with matte paints. I can't visualize him as a glossy/shiny type. the eyes were casted with transparent resin.It has little teeth and everything, but there's still space for lots of improvements.

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The chest was done based on a pepakura template of a small figure of Garrus that XenonRay made.

I used this base as a way to work with my desired design. Later on added lots of details similar to those of the Ghost armor set and solved the issue of putting on the chest piece with a little lock!

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This is the back (upside down) of the chest armor. I loosely based it on Odin's shield. It's not completely painted in this photo.

View attachment 644829

Here's a shot of the pouches

View attachment 644830 View attachment 644831

Those paper details were done with a paper puncher of Martha Stewart. I found the pattern to be very nice and suitable for what I was making.


The shoulders are inspired by those of Odin's , I think it's a pretty cool design. So in them I put a couple of shells and the elite sniper emblem.

View attachment 644834

The biceps are based on Alphonse Elric's foam pattern. I think those biceps are great as a base for other builds. Highly recommend them! Arms were patterned by me. I loved making the little arm pouches, they are so cute!

File_005_zpsnkyq5gkn.jpeg IMG_6023.JPG

Thigh armor is also a pattern by me, though as a person with no thigh gap I do not recommend using 1/2" thick foam hahaha I NEED to remake these or at least solve the issue of friction.

File_003 (2).jpeg File_004.jpeg

For the legs, I left an open space for the back of the leg, that way I could slip in/out easily, also added a little snap just in case.

File_004 (1).jpeg

The shoes were my favorite though. Earlier I posted them on the facebook group because I need to solve an issue that I'm having with them. Thankfully lots of people replied and I took all their opinions in consideration.

IMG_6063.JPG IMG_6095_zpshw0kgvs2.jpg File_006_zps1lbuk8qt.jpeg

Here's how the Mantis happened. It was a 2 day build done with household materials, foam and a big template. I'm very pleased with it, but I wish to change the barrels and the scope. The handle was recycled from a Bolter (Warhammer) That I had made months ago. It was partially coated in black Plastidip, but everything was painted with acrylics.

IMG_5979.JPG IMG_5980.JPG IMG_5989.JPG
IMG_6099.JPG IMG_6100.JPG IMG_6101.JPG

Painting and decorating this was the best part. I loved adding all the little details. The paints I used were mostly matte paints, and I just gave it a few coats of Satin finish Modge Podge. Personally, I was aiming to imitate cracked ceramic but I did not have time. Oh well, perhaps for another project ;)

Here's a couple of photos.

full body.jpg 13592683_526503654224761_471705990394914623_n.jpg 13606547_526652970876496_7084257242388497413_n.jpg 13612299_526503624224764_6642357790558090410_n.jpg


This photo in particular is my favorite. They are my friends :) We had such a blast rooting for each other in that contest. It's unforgettable. <3 Hopefully I manage to convince them to get RPF accounts cause they are REALLY good at what they do.

There is still lots of space for improvement and i'm completely willing to keep going, but at a slower pace. For now I need to take a break cause I want to revamp my Bahamut and start a new project in December. Hopefully Garrus get's a nice photoshoot some time soon :D Just gotta figure out how to set it up!

Thanks for looking at my thread :)


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