Mass effect fem Shepard armor in resin


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Hi ! I'm a french girl big fan of Mass Effect and I have decided to make a Shep' Armor in resin.

Why resin ? Because I need something solid, to use some part of the armor for fighting show (in particular Star wars). I was a little afraid about the mountain of work because I'm more a fighter than a builder : I do french stick (like Arsen Lupin), french boxing, historical sword and... Laser saber ^^ So I have eight hour per week of badass Houuuu yea !!!

Here a video, I'm the woman in black :

My base is pepakura. I love origami, paper etc. So it was great to do that : In front of good TV series like Person of interest or Legend of Korra :D The difficulty was the size because I'm not a girl with perfect forms : I'm strong, little and stout. I'm proud of it but it's more work. I resized lot of pieces.

The harder work is the resin and the fiberglass because it's toxic and it's long... Veeeeery long... I'm not finish but it's on the good way.

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Ooooook so I make my first mistakes ! I failed some pieces : thigh and collar because they loses they shape ! Plus, the back don't satisfy me because the box is not enough regular. But has I said : I'm a warrior ! I never surrender ! Well it's my first costumes and I play hardcore level because it's in resin, so it's normal I think...
I'm back to Pepakura ^^
I'll need a Dremel to cut parts of fiberglass out.



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I cut the fiberglass out with my Dremel. Not finish. Pieces are very solid !
Here a shoulder and an arm :


I re-pepakura the pieces who lose their shap (collar, back and thigh) and this time I will make more pieces, more smaller than big pieces who lose their shap !
Hey Raphaella, good job indeed! you can also use some piece in foam for critical part (unless it's a sacrilege to mix pep and foam?) they won't deform and more confortable.
Just an idea I'm not a pro.
you're in Bordeaux and you're working onto boxes of wine bottles :lol
I will use foam for the inside of the pieces to make them more comfortable but I will not use foam on surface because it's to fragile. Maybe some on abdomen or PVC... I don't know yet

you're in Bordeaux and you're working onto boxes of wine bottles :lol

No : French boxing, savate lol J'ai un anglais de merde T_T
What I re-build this weekend. I was very busy the last two weeks. It was the International Festival of comics of Angoulême in France. As a journalist in comics I have to go here (Katsuhiro Otomo is the next president ! Wouhouuuu !). But i'm back and I hope I will finish resin next week.

Thank you Achilla !

This weekend I finished the big pieces of the armor. I put the second layer of resin and fiberglass
Next week I'll make finishes before starting mastic.

I started something important too : abdomen. As I said : I fight a lot ^^ and I need robust pieces so I will not use foam. This is a difficulty.
The only person who did N7 armor with abdomen in PVC, is Freya. So I read her post many times and tried to decrypt how she did.

I went in supplies shop and I bought PVC plates and tissues



I did a cutting pattern

Not yet ! Maybe this weekend. I will retail my pieces too. I'll take pics

I bought a Nerf last saturday. I know : Nerf is ****, not enough solid, bad, bad, bad... gnagnagna... But I have not enough money to buy a Replica and I have to finish my armor before May and a convention in Bordeaux, so... Maybe one day. My favorite weapon is M-37 Falcon ^^ :


For now, I have this and I'll ask a friend to help me with electronic (I want to put some LED and a mechanism that makes the smoke). I will do everything to make it a nice weapon !


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any thought of skinning the surface with worbla or wonderflex?

I'll thiking about it, I don't know this. I have a friend who did pieces with PVC so I did the same
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