Mass Effect 3 N7 Rifle (pic heavy!)


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Just got the NDA lifted on this project and I can't wait to show it off!


This is from the latest installment of the Mass Effect franchise, the "N7 Assault Rifle" which is a special dowloadable item included with the collector's edition version of the game. The guys at Bioware asked me to put this together as a special piece for SDCC this year, and the host of Bioware TV (their streaming show coverage, the host happens to also be EA's Senior Marketing Manager) was waving it around the whole con. Good thing too, because I'm pretty sure he's the one who makes the decision of whether or not I get hired again!




So hard to keep stuff like this quiet, but glad I can finally show it off. The whole thing was built, molded, painted and shipped in 14 days. If you're interested in some of the build details, check out my blog.




Thanks for looking!
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