Mass Effect 3: Cerberus Assault Trooper


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Well, we're closing in on March 6th, 2012 (Mass Effect 3 release date), and I'm sure we'll see an explosion in the population of Commander Sheppards around here. Now as any good conversationalist would do, we must cull this herd before they all start saving the world, defeating the Reapers, finishing the fight, etc etc.

Therefore, it's time for the "Earf-first", xenophobic anti-heroes of Mass Effect 2 to rise again as The Cerberus Assault Trooper.

Thus begins the chronicling and overly dramatized build thread for my 2012 showpiece.

First, major props go out to CGJeff who helped out with a lot of the modeling on the helmet. I'm not wet behind the ears when it comes to 3d work, but this cat is a pro.

After the 3d model was properly sized and mocked up, it's off to the 5-axis mill for some quick foam cutting. I'm currently doing all my milling in 15lb density tooling foam (UR150 from It doesn't tap worth a crap, but it holds a very decent edge, doesn't kickup a lot of dust, doesn't generate too much static, and is relatively cheap.

Even though I have full 5-axis capability, I've found that it's much faster to mill the main using 3-axis operations, then seam up the edges of the cuts. If an individual part requires multi-axis machining, it's not as difficult to CAM if you don't have to work around your entire model.

Here is the front and back of the helmet cut separately to make sure I got all of the tiny details that took so long to model out. The bondo spot you see on the right is where the mill thought it might be a good idea to see what China is like this time of year, and decided to go right through my part.

Now that all the parts are cut, it's just a simple matter of expoy-ing them together and feathering out the seams. Since this board is so porous, and I'm fairly impatient when it comes to gluing things, I'm using Smooth-on 5 minute "instant" epoxy.

He's got his ears on so now to mold and cast his little cheek breathers. Once that's done and he gets a little more sanding polish, I think we'll almost be in the ballpark to mold this fella.

Now I don't want to lay all my cards out on the table at once, then not be heard from for a month while I work on other things, so here's just a quick teaser of what else I've got done on this project, that I'll share in the next couple weeks.



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Im speachless...such a great start and an amazing way of doing the lid.
looking foward to see more!!!!!



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must be nice to have a tool like that to play with!
holy crap those things are expensive.

love the helmet so far


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Blarg! I was so close to getting this molded before christmas. I'm heading out today so yall probably won't see anything new until next week.



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Awesome work Yodajammies! :thumbsup

Jealous of your damn machine :cry

Wondering where you got the human 3d model from - Have been trying to find one that is humanely correct to model armor pieces around.

Havent got enough skill to make one that is accurate to proportions ><

Would It be possible to obtain a copy please? would be greatly appreciated!


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After repouring a side of my mold that I was worried had been inhibited, I then found that my mold wasn't level and left a large void in the top of the piece. Fingers crossed that this will fix it, but I'm thinking that this mold is a wash and I'll have to redo the entire thing when all is said and done. Also, I've just started watching the new BattleStar.



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You have some awesome tools to work with and despite the issue things are looking good!

I'll be following this one as I'm a big ME fan :)


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That's quite unbelievable! Wow fantastic work, I've been thinking about doing something from ME, but my plate is full with finishing my Halo Spartan, and upgrading my mando, and Ezio. Again fantastic work, looking forward to completion! Subscribed.