Mass Effect 2 Tali Zorah Helmet


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Hello again everybody. Like the title says Here is the Mass Effect Tali Zorah Helmet I built for my girlfriend. I loosely based this off the Pep files I got on-line (sorry I don't remember who the files were from) .
Through research I found someone online who had made a Tali helmet from a daft punk helmet visor , their practically the same shape. That made things easier for this build. I had contacted Mr.Pinsky on here and was able to purchase a couple of his daft punk visors to modify into the tali helmet. From there my girlfriend had done the pep version and handed it to me to finish off. Well being the idiot I am I pretty much discarded it and did a scratch built one. I used measurements from the Pep to stencil out the parts I needed and assembled the whole helmet from syntra, Abs plastic, a hard hat dome, bondo ( of course :love) , and alot of fustration. :cry
My girlfriend had purchased an EL Wire kit that reacts to sound and we will be wiring this into the helmet so that when she speaks the mouth piece of the helmet will light up. I'll post those pics when we get to that part.
Since the making of this I have found things I don't like and things I want to change in it. So I'll be doing a Version two sometime next year. Well hopefully :rolleyes
So enjoy and please feel free to comment, critique, crush my spirits ( kidding) and make suggestions.
Thanks for looking
Awesome! I hated the character in the game, but always loved the helmet though, and you really captured the look!
I hate Tali

Whats wrong with you?!
I joke :lol

What do they call people like me? a talimancer?

OT: Excellent visor man! not entirely sure about the shape, but the look is otherwise spot-on.
Any pictures of the rest of the costume?
Having never played the game, i don't know much about this helmet - What i do know though is you have done a fantastic job, really nice build indeed!
Huge MA fan, great work on the build. I thought the helmet was more encompassing the head though. But it's been a while since I've played it. I love the idea about the voice activated lighting too. Can't wait to see more. :thumbsup
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