Mass Effect 2/3 Blood Dragon Armor - Pepakura/Foam


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More done with the chest, fits pretty well but the front has not been attached and the collar still needs lots of work. I will need to do some fine tuning of the sides so I can rest my arms fully at my side instead of keeping them at an angle from my body....also figuring out if I can keep this as one piece or need to make it two for getting in and out of it with ease.
12314732_717454080549_3567756942596151296_o.jpg 12291836_717454115479_6969232543036313207_o.jpg 12309929_717454185339_5976420483032549341_o.jpg


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Well the project ended up stalling out with the foam chest piece and in the end during the cutting of the edges it was pretty much unusable. So unfortunatly my luck getting the chest piece finished isn't going well and I'm going to start over again. However I have delved deep into the original 3d model and done some really needed cleaning and readjusting of the model to make it user friendly, easier to build both in foam and pep, and easier to put on without cutting in two and more comfortable to wear. So I need to decide and choose either to tackle in pepakura or foam before moving forward. I also was able to finally get a hold of a 3d printer, and now I can make my own M8 Avenger to go with it. Started printing from the bottom working my way up. At this point I think I am going to not push any time frame to complete it.......I just want to finish it and without the mistakes of trying to rush it for a con. I can relax into it instead of worrying about it again not being done for any con.
12237957_725446363949_2797647223251370953_o.jpg 20160224_233451.jpg


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Oh I love it , Mass Effect is good game. I miss really Commander Shepard. :(
Have any make the suit for Commander??

Yes the end of ME3 wasn't the best the series could have done. I know there are plenty of foam and other build on the rpf for Shepard's armor....there is even a huge mass effect archive in the forum filled with pep files


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Got some work putting together the M8. It is almost halfway done, just need to reprint the trigger and then glue it and the guard next to the handle. Then I just have to start printing the top portion.

Only thing I have to figure out is how to fill in the gaps between some pieces before painting it. No plan for adding lighting

Forgot to mention it but the 3D model was created by Jeff Lagant from

Once I have completed cleaning out my garage from the winter I can begin working on the Chest piece again with the new edits I did to the original file. Keeping fingers crossed it works this time around


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Did you ever find the shoulder armor unfolded anywhere? I have been looking all over, and even tried unfolding it myself, but well... I am bad at it... like to a staggering degree of badness.

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