Masked Rider Ironman - Do you know who your customers are?

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by virg012, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. virg012

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    Saw this the other day and didn't realize if anyone knew this. Apparently, one of the best Iron Man suits made here by Masked Rider, has been purchased for the Iron Man -Porno Parody. It is nice to see the quality of work has been used for all of the wrong reasons. Bravo
  2. coofunkcurly

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    I'm sure Leslee will be honored. :lol
  3. fingaz

    fingaz Active Member

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    i reckon your post has probably created a few more hits on the torrent:lol

    if only to see masked riders suit in action:lol
  4. EyeofSauron

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    can someone tell me why its the wrong reasons? they wanted an iron man suit, they got the best. it gets displayed in a movie, and also worn.
  5. davy

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    I think its Good , because * are not bad , and iron man in a porno is crazy :)
  6. crabra comander

    crabra comander Sr Member

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    Well if it's used for the film it might get "ruined", and not be useable after that.
  7. virg012

    virg012 Active Member

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    I am just jealous because I have a suit and could have been a consultant for the production.
  8. J Scorn

    J Scorn Sr Member

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    well i think its a good thing to promote 'armourin' it up' in * lol.

  9. Steampunch

    Steampunch New Member

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    Ok so now be warned if you see an Ironman suit on ebay or similar marked as "actual suit worn in movie" you might not be getting what you think you're getting. :confused

    I've heard of wearing protection but a suit of Ironman armour is a little extreme.

    Also I'll be on the lookout for the movie Avengers ASSemble later on in the year.
  10. bustermedic

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    That's gotta be a hardcore cod piece... lol Sorry... couldn't resist! lol

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