masked raider ironman suit?


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ok please forgive me ive searched and the name mask raider keeps coming up on all these amazing iron man suits, but i cant find any info on him or his suits and where to buy them. does he even still sell them? are they complete or diy kits? reason why i ask is because i want nothing more in life to own my own suit, now with that said...... i just bought one from i cant find hardly anything on the site some people say its real others say it a scam. the only actual info i could find was on this forum someone said they bought one and i fell apart in a night which is scary.

Any who just trying to get some info on these masked raider suits and if they are still for sale.

thanks for your help and time
I have a Masked Rider suit, it is all fiberglass, and comes with all of the electronics. I got mine upainted, so I saved a few bucks. I believe he charges between 3500 to 4500, or something like that. Go to the members list, and search Masked Rider, Hope this helps.
I too was looking at the suits on but decided not to buy one due to lack of information on the site and quality of the suits. I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know how the suit turns out. It would be great to get an actual review on one so i can decide whether its worth buying one. Thanks
Masked Rider is phenomenal at what I've got from him (Man of Steel, in my case) and the work I've seen both here and in person regarding Iron Man suits, and provides great customer service. There's a small language barrier, but he is great at bypassing it!

Expensive, but if you have the cash, it's a bang-up product.
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