Mask Repainted...first Airbrush. Repainted Feet Last Post!


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So I finally pulled all my airbrush stuff out of storage and decided to just dive right into it. I never airbrushed before and just decided to make a few lines and dots on a piece of wood and just jumped right into repainting my mask. The first time I painted my mask I only used sponge brushes.



Had a lot of fun airbrushing and I cant wait to do it again. Hopefully start a new build by the end of Nov. Thanks to all those who put up with all my questions before I pulled out the airbrush and started messing with it


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ur suit looks pretty awsome ...i just did my cosume also and i loved air brushing .. it to was my first time .. i didnt paint the mask just the whole pred torso and made my own torso out of the MR i suit . if u wanna see a pic let me kno


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I'm used to airbrushing miniatures - like Games Workshop ones - I've just started doing bigger stuff (Facehugger model kit) and it's tricky to begin with, The best advice (from a fellow novice) is to use some proper airbrush paints. For models (not latex stuff) I'm using the Vallejo Model Air range. They're really easy to use as they have nicely designed dropper bottles and are pre-thinned for ease of use. On a miniature I'd usually do a basecoat, dynamic highlights (gradients) then an ink wash, then a bit of drybrushing, finished up with line highlights. I guess if you're painting proper pred masks you wouldn't follow this formula but if anyone is doing smaller stuff it really makes the colors pop.

P.s. I've spelt colors the US way so you guys know what I'm talking about! (it's colours here in the UK).


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Need to trim em a bit still and fix the base of the feet. Don't really have a close up pic from last year the gallery pics won't work for me for some reason. But you can see how they kinda looked last year from the first pic.