Mask of the Phantasm: Andrea Beaumont 3 year build


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Mask of the Phantasm is one of my favorite films, and a few years ago I put together a costume of the Phantasm for the premier of The Dark Knight Rises. It was my first costume.


It was a little rough, but overall not too bad, the mask was an airsoft Army of Two mask, with perforated metal eyes, Paperclay lumped on for shape, and hand painted by my gf.



After that the bug bit me, and I wanted to do it again, I wanted to do it better. Reading forums (read:lurking TheRPF), I got the bright idea that I may get out of sculpting altogether. A long night with some indie film buds and I came home with a 3D model of the mask. I pepakura'd it, resin'd it,bondo'd it, sanded it, and it was so bad it never made it to paint or picture. I don't think pep is my thing.

My girlfriend, now the one we were making this costume for, decided to try making one out of heat formed craft foam. It did the trick for a quick con deadline, but it's not what I wanted.


Next try, I went backwards. Getting asmaller toy Iron Man mask, and more paperclay, I set again to work sculpting. This time I had to use some wire to get the eyes the shape I wanted, and some sheer fabric for the color.







As you can see in the last pictures,the mask still had some downsides. Not only was the shape not quite right, it was peeling from the mask beneath, and the children's mask was too small for my gf's face, and stuck out ludicrously far. So once again, it was time to start over.

This time, to deal with the need for abase and correct sizing, and to make sure to accommodate for her nose, as the mask doesn't inherently supply a lot of nose room, I made a plaster casting of her head.






Then back to my old friend paperclay and free hand sculpting.






Slush casting took some... trial and error.






But running out of time before NYCC '14, we had to make do with the last casting I pulled, a 50/50 Rondo mix with fiberglass reinforcement and hand painting by my gf. It was rough and unfinished, but photographed pretty well for Corey Hayes' Buzzfeed article!





One last shot of the collection! Lol


In short, I'll keep refining and working on this mask till I die! The gf and I love bringing it to NYCC and Philly-Con, as she now gets some recognition as the Phantasm!
Stay tuned, scythe post coming soon!!
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This was the most entertaining thread I've read through in quite a while, well done ;)
Also like that you stuck with it and kept refining the same suit, it's so great seeing people do the same costume multiple times and how much they improve it through further iterations. It doesn't look like she can actually see through the final mask though? And that Buzzfeed plug was awesome.


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Thanks! I don't often tend to stick with anything this long, but the reactions of the con goers keep us at it. Working hard this week on the scythe, will have something worthy of a post up soon!

Also, vision is in the works for the next iteration of the mask, welcoming ideas to keep the eyes photogenically white, but give her some visibility? Can I ask what you used for the combat bat suit eyes? Do you have have any pictures of them in white?

By the way, recieving praise is always awesome, especially from the guy who let his roommate stab him to test his bat suit!
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Mask of the Phantasm is my absolute favorite film of all time, and there are not enough Andrea Beaumont's/Phantasms out there. Nice job!
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