Mask building: Thick or thin?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by TheAtomicSoul, Feb 2, 2012.

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    I'd like to make a few masks but I'm not sure if there's a benefit to how I'd like to make them or if it'd be material being wasted by making it thicker.

    I'm wanting to make thick looking masks (appear to be 1/4" thick at the thinnest part) but after seeing the work of Volpin Props and another mask maker I watch both making single wall masks (no inside wall towards the face) I'm wondering if it'd be better to just make them with single walled slush casting.

    Is there any advantage or disadvantage to making them "two sided" (1/4" thick) but hollow as opposed to the single wall (outside only) masks most people make?
    If I go with the single wall mask slush casting, whats the best way to fill that space away from the wearers face?

    (I'm wanting these to be both wearable and for decoration, so not being overly breakable is something I'll need to keep in mind.)
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    I think it'd be easier for you to make a single walled helmet. I think if you're trying to make them two sided that's going to be a lot more work. After you slush cast the helmet you can use padding similar to what they use in motorcycle/bicycle helmets to pad the inside. I made a helmet recently that was snug enough where I didn't need any padding at all. My casts are just under 1/4" thick and cast up using SmoothCast 65D. They're pretty strong - I'm able to throw a piece against a wall without any damage.

    It might be more helpful if you try to explain what mask/helmet you're looking at making and what type of material(s) you're planning on using. You talk about slush casting so I assume you're going to use some sort of resin?
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    To be honest I'm not overly concerned about the type of material I use so long as it is durable and can be painted. I don't know if it's possible but I'd love to find a material that you could use something as simple as markers to standard paint on. (slush cast vinyl?) My original thought is resin but even within that I know there are many different types to choose from.

    Most of what I want to make will cover the face only and may go as far back as the ears rather then the entire head.
    Some of them however will not be "face shaped" and will have large spaces that extend beyond the head. With some designs if I make them slush cast I'm afraid there may be nothing even touching the face, only around the rim of the hair line. This is the main reason I was considering making them with front and backs- so I could give it that larger form but have more surface against the forehead or cheeks.

    An example of why I was considering doing a thick mask is "The Mask" mask; it has modest dept/ thickness and seems like it would sit well when worn. (Although I am not concerned with people being able to see the inside.)

    Best examples of what I'm referring to are of Pacific Northwest design. (NOTE: I will _NOT_ be replicating their designs - I know better- but the structures are good examples of not being face shape.)


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