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Hey gang, as some of you know, my other passion besides props is making MaK models. It's a pretty unique aesthetic, and borrows from German designs from WWII and to a degree, Star Wars... you'll recognize kitbashed parts here and there. Anyway, I just finished my massive site update, with an example of every design out there - a feat no one has been able to pull off (hahaha, how arrogant)... since the whole scene is Japanese, and pretty insular even in Japan, it's tough to get good info. So some things may be off a bit, but the main focus was to present all the designs and give pics and kit info.

Hope you find it interesting!

(check out the AT-AT neck parts on the Neuspotter, the AT-AT back plate on the Jerry, and X-Wing parts on teh Dollhouse. Neat!)
Fantasic effort! I've always loved your site, and now it's the go-to SF3D info repository.

Nice to see (in English), such a comprehensive lineup. Good work!
It's MaK-tastic!

Wow, what a resource. I've never seen this much MaK in one place!


PS check out the brand NEW edition of Hobby Japan for a spread on Kow's early ZOID design, as well as a kick ASS Bladerunner Spinner conversion from the new Medicom model!

- K
Hey Jason,
Maybe you could email Shane or BK and let them know I'm NOT a robot attempting to SPAM the MAK board? I've reapplied to the board since I've switched from AOL to Verizon, and I got a letter from BK. They're trying to cut down on automated spammers, so I replied...twice. Nothing yet.

BTW, it's me Faust. I was now I'm I just want to get back on the mailing list!! LOL

Raygun (Faust, Joe, whatever)
Arrgh... That's awesome
A lot of work... Helluva lot of pictures

Hey, are those X-Wing / Saturn V parts on the AFS gun arms?

BTW, the two Sandstalkers (from the Chronicle & Encyc., not that weird green one) are loosely based on the German Sd.Kfz. 222 & 232:

In "Unidentified", 'unknown6' is a !!#&$!hikoma... Not actually part of the canon SF3D universe. I suspect whoever put the figure there did it as a joke:

How much of these pics are from "MaK BD"?

Hey Mike - lol, just saw this (d'oooh)

"are those X-Wing / Saturn V parts on the AFS gun arms? "
Hmmm - mebbe! That'd be a small scale XWing though...

GREAT info on the Sandstalkers!

"In "Unidentified", 'unknown6' is a !!#&$!hikoma... Not actually part of the canon SF3D universe."

Thanks - someone else IDed it for me too.. and Kow DID design it! It's from his book.

... and I tried to keep most pics from old out of print sources... I'd say 30% is from the MaK book... maybe less? If the pics look AMAZING, they're from MaK Chronicle, lol. I wanted to keep the "value" in the book by pulling as little as possible from it.

Rock, Jason

ps - thanks all, it was a ton of work, but very much worth it in my opinion.
I been lurking about Jasons MAK pages for a while now...You all listen to him..he knows his schtuff!..

Beautifull work dude...Rock!

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