Marvin the martian


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I know this is not high quality stuff like most of the stuff on here,but I thought I would post any ways.

I started with an adult Shoei motorcycle helmet. Then I pop riveted some plastic on the sides to give the flare.

Next I bondo'd the rear of the helmet to give it a more correct shape.

For the visor I glued and used pop rivets.

Then he needed a face. So I used what I had on hand. Being close to Halloween I had an extra orange pumpkin. I cut it in half and also cut the bottom off.

My son chose Marvin's oval eyes. I drew them on with crayon cut them out.

I then opted for fleece to glue on the pumpkin so you would not see the grooves of the pumpkin. Then I layered some white mesh and voila.

I found a perfect shaped push broom and a small scrap dowel at Homedepot. Some more glue and a couple of screws later.

Ha! That's pretty cool. Nice work. :thumbsup

Now...where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?! :)
Just please make sure he doesn't destroy the earth because we know it is blocking his view of Mars.

Well done! Mr. Martian is always my favorite Toon!:lol
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