Marvel's YellowJacket


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Hey all!

So I was browsing the web today thinking about making a Yellow Jacket cosplay, only to notice that nobody has really "tackled" the real deal (if someone has, please send me in their direction).

Anyways, I plan on starting to try and work on this for the upcoming SDCC.

Here are some reference images to start:

In terms of the type of leather, I will take reference from the Ant-Man thread which can be found here:

Similarly, there are a multitude of mini-threads littered around this site (a simple search in the general search box will give some results). With that said, I will be pulling some information from those to help speed up the process of creating this suit [credit will be given where credit is due].

Another thing that will require work are the 3D Models, the helmet will be relatively easier considering that there are a handful of variations on the web, but the backpack the hardest part (especially with the extending arms)

Until my next post - peace out


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I have been working on a Yellowjacket cosplay for 6 months and am already relatively far. Helmet and backpack are ready. I am currently working on the suit at work.
Made everything by hand. Mainly from pvc. No 3d printing. More pictures look on my Facebookpage.

16473402_1323630307689561_3823541617072900891_n.jpg IMG_7448.JPG IMG_8265.JPG
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I'm currently working on a yellowjacket version from What if ...
Helmet its no finish. at the moment i'm working on the suit and the backpack.

The helmet is made entirely of pvc.


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