Marvels Taskmaster


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so my first project being back at things i decided to do a full Taskmaster suit, the first piece are his Daredevil like fighting sticks...
20190410_152936.jpg 20190410_152940.jpg
ill be doing a leather leg holder for them in the future, but i'm just working on the weaponry for now...
Update: april 28th
20190424_185041 (2).jpg
got some of the arrows done, i'm not exactly 100% happy with them...i may redo the feathers, i think i got the wrong side for the fletching jig or something else is up.. and some glue got on the feathers when i was applying them...
20190427_205323 (2).jpg
and made some little detail pieces at work while i was bored and had some spare time....


this is what im using for reference...
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I think the Taskmaster is super underated. Are you going for classic comic style or maybe something we might see in the MCU?


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Awesome, can’t wait to see it I also Cosplay Taskmaster. It’s great to see more people as him. Here is my version.
nice tactical version, i'm still going to lean somewhat to the comic version, with the cape, but still leaning towards the MCU styling


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well life has a way of knocking me down....i was in a car car out of commision for now, and while in was in the hospital for a day, just to check for concussions...and at my parents for a couple days till we could get my keys from my car in impound so i could go home..5 stitches to my face.. my beautiful beautiful face ....then someone broke into my storage unit at my condo... stole my bike, tools, and tent... ex-GF was in her own car accident... was 4X4ing...the guy drove up a hill that was way too steep...rolled back down around 10 times or so once she came to, has amnesia... so her kids got in touch with me to visit her, in the hopes seeing me makes her remember....something, since we were together 3 spent the last 2 weeks visiting her, telling her stories about her, us...... her job...ect.... finally Tuesday she remembered something...
so anyways....

finally got something done....
im working on the sword next...and got the start of the pommel done....ill be casting this up in stainless steel when i get some more time


well that's my work


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oh yeah..... here is another part i got done before all the turmoils....
i made his lasso part that's on his belt in pic from the first post..



its made out a golden color silk rope (which does not show up so well in the photos..but up close you see a golden hue) which i waxed and formed...its actually a functional lariat as well.....