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I replicated some of the newspaper covers from the background of Ben Urich's office as best I could. Hardest part was trying to decipher the small print on the Daredevil cover. Even in HD those letters are mighty small and blurry. The Hulk one is only ever seen from far away and was way too tiny, so I just made up the small text. I dated Daredevil's cover to the date after the series premiered because I don't think it's ever explicitly stated when it takes place.

Daredevil.jpgbattle of new york.jpgharlem.jpg


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Excellent! I had been meaning to ask if anyone could do these when the series first released. I'll have to grab some recycled paper to run through my printer, and see if I can't come up with a half decent mock newspaper.

Magnus Darcrider

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Greetings All,

Did anyone ever produce an image for this business card to be replicated? I've had a look around and not been able to find anything.




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What would be the easiest way to recreate the braille dots?
I would probably use an embossing tool to push the dots through from the back. It might be possible to use an embossing ink or embossing powder to achieve a similar result but it would be tricky to keep the dot sizes consistent.



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More of the images I came up with..
Pic1- Screen Grab from the tv show - another Murdoch Business Card used on set.
Pic2- Business Card given out at New York Comic Con on behalf of the show and Marvel stand
Pic3- Another onscreen grab of one of the various screen used Daredevil Nelson & Murdoch Business Cards. This one I used this to as a base source to learn about BRAILLE before I mastered how to put Braille on my Murdoch Cards too.

imetfoggyandmatt_twitter.jpgMCU_Nelson Murdoch Business Card.pngnelson and murdock_127271-1.jpg

I have seen more designs and screen grabs showing at least two more.. just search Defenders where Nelson n Murdoch use card in the show too.

I used the screen grabs above to do a variation with Braille. I use raised ink for the braille as well. Though I have passed copies of these images to a well known card company that makes Braille Business Cards. The quote they gave me per unit was ridiculous, so I made ten standard, and then 4 with raised Braille.

22528890_1815321818780626_242306619461546679_o.jpgDefenders Business Cards.jpg

I also made the Elektra Funeral Card too that can be seen on my facebook page.