Marvel's Daredevil Blind Cane Prop

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    Hey everyone! Like most people, I was blown away by the netflix Daredevil series. I even watched the entire season twice and enjoyed every minute of it. :D(y)thumbsup

    Now before starting my black Daredevil costume I wanted to make Matt Murdock's blind cane from the show, which actually most likely is just a regular foldable blind cane, unless they made it custom for the show which I have a hard time believing. Anyway, I made a prop version for alot cheaper. Zero to be specific.

    Screen used Cane:

    My prop version:

    It's about 145cm long

    Made it from materials laying around the house. The base is an aluminium pipe I cut with a hacksaw and painted white, the red and white end piece is made from wood and for the handle I used bicycle grips that I wrapped in electrical tape. It's not foldable like the real deal but it was cheap and easy to make and I like it alot. :)

    I have some details left and I want to make a better handle but other than that it's pretty much done. Thanks for looking!
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