Marvel Thing Build COMPLETE...Finally !!!

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by hapslappy, Sep 8, 2015.

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    Ok. so maybe not complete, but done enough to submit pics for the NYCC Cosplay competition. Just need to do a couple of odds and ends before show time. Tighten up Velcro closure on back. A little more airbrush touch up, and then some non cosmetic stuff to help with wearing the suit. Thanks to all for there help and suggestions, especially George !

    20150908_172819.jpg 20150908_172839.jpg 20150908_172848.jpg 20150908_172822.jpg 20150908_172830.jpg 20150908_172737.jpg
    face.jpg 20150908_172654.jpg boots.jpeg face.jpeg face.jpg images.jpeg Publication1.jpg Sorry images.png gotta post a face pic and reference pics for NYCC
    Be sure to check out the full build at.
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    That's excellent.

  3. BumblebeeRecycd

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    Great job, only I thought the Thing went naked. I saw this movie recently, and.... Bull****, I LOVE this version of the THING !
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    Great works :thumbsup
  5. George

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    Hap,congratulations on completing an awesome project !! :thumbsup you worked so hard for this and it turned out great !!
    And thank you for sharing the photos of the final result with the community.I hope you get TONS of positive reactions on the forum as well as at the conventions !
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    I'm amazed at the talent for this cosplay stuff...really awesome!

  7. cavedwellar

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    awesome job bud ..its clobberin time!!
  10. chimichangaz

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    Amazing job on this cosplay! This is the level I now aspire to reach a few lifetimes or so. lol
  11. hapslappy

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    Some have asked about the dimensions of the suit, so instead of pm I will just post stats here. He stands 6' 7" and is over 5' wide at the shoulders ( I have to go sideways through doors and even then I get stuck). Some have said the feet and legs look small. I have to agree that on the video and pics they do seem small, I'm assuming this is because of the angle of the camera and the overwhelming size of his hands and arms. His feet are over 2' long and 14" wide. His thigh measures 39" around. This is a very large costume. I wish I had thought to have my son stand next to me, he is 6' 3" tall and 185lbs. he looks like a 12 year old boy standing next to the
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