Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto review


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Just got it it today (after many delays).
For the most part, I love it.
Here‘s what you want to know:
It Is full sized (though I think it’s a bit chunky, but for what it does, I’ll forgive it)
All plastic, though it really does look like metal. And it’s really lightweight for cosplay.
It comes with a display base.
You can close the eye (manually) and with the press of a button it opens and glows VERY bright with the use of two AAA batteries.
The neck cord is pleather and fabric. Looks very accurate.
The stone pops out with the press of a button. This is the coolest feature. The stone “charges” while in the amulet, so when you pop it it it continues to glow while holding it in your hand. The glowing effect lasts for about ten minutes.
Once the eye is closed, you press a button and a motorized mechanism opens it automatically. Cool, but the motor is a bit loud.
All in all, for 50.00, it’s freaking awesome!


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They did a good job on the blackwash. It makes it look more convincing.

Sounds like the time stone works just like the kyber crystals in some of the Elite Black Series sabers.

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