Marvel Infinity War Inspired Data Files and Paper Props

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    Fairly new to paper prop making, though recently I was asked to do a mock newspaper article loosely based on a magazine cover and a newspaper front spread.

    I waited 3 months after Infinity War before I finalised it and sent it to print... here is the "FRONT COVER" of what ended up being a 3 page special.. hope you like it..

    WAKANDA BATTLE News article Teaser RPF1.jpg
    As much of the movie was CGI I can not see there being many forthcoming paper props from it, so I may do a couple of news articles and broad sheets shortly.

    I also compiled one named "THE SHIELD NEWS, and "HAMMER TIMES".. so if you see them floating around feel free to post them here..
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    Decided to finally make a Peter Parker Dossier Case File... as part of the dossier I made to personnel data sheets.

    For obvious reasons one prior to Peter turning to dust and one after. I have around 3 ID Cards for Peter Parker and Spiderman now. The one shown here was made in retrospect for Peter if he ever visited SHIELD or Triskelion seeing as Triskelion is named on the road sign in "HOMECOMING"

    I have been asked a few times why I placed Peter Parker real name on the SHIELD ID Cards.. my reply is "Why Not?" since Steve Rogers is called Steve rogers on his and not Captain America. I did make the card reversible so on one side he as his mask on, and on the other it is removed.

    Hope you like the Case Files / Data Files 20000102_091552.jpg

    You will also notice I put together a Thor Dossier for Ragnarok, and the earlier movies. Finally in the image you can see the Dr Bruce Banner Dossier I made.
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    A few images from some of the other ID Cards I made to go along with the Infinity War get together....

    Firstly the alternative Peter Parker SHIELD ID card....

    Secondly a number of new SHIELD ID cards previously not seen, this is not my complete set, it's possibly about a third.

    SHIELD ID Cards_Cards by Agent Barton Triskelionpropshop_promo.jpg

    I decided to put a Wanda Dossier / Scarlet Witch case File together as well... starting with a WANDA MISSING POSTER, and then more importantly the SHIELD WANDA Case File

    Wanda Case File Missing Poster.jpg

    I did a number of Wanda Files... some CIA and FBI based files. I like to try something new which other designers do not always cover or see..

    Wanda Dossier FBI Style_SHIELD File_Promo.jpg

    The CIA and FBI File had a couple of typos on the earlier versions, they have since been remastered.

    Below is generally what I included in one of the Wanda Dossier Case Files

    Wanda Dossier 2018B.jpg

    I'm quite proud of the WANDA /Scarlet Witch SHIELD Case File, I thought it needed a fresh perspective as both Wanda and Pietro had been on the run prior to Sokovia, as such
    I decided to give it a fresh look. It was kind of strange that I did this prior to the Infinity War movie and compiled the Dossier on behalf of Agent Maria Hill. Soon after we would come to see Agent Hill and Fury both get removed by the Finger Snap of Thanos.
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    Wow this looks really Epic and amazing!!!!!

    Did you make it from zero? Any chance to have a file case from Peter Parker?.
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    Yeah, all made from Zero... I have about 40 different Dossier covers now :)

    These are just a small collection, Peter Dossier is available for a limited time, drop me a pm... I should have a few lying around at home. :)
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