Marscon, Bloomington, MN March 11 - 13, 2021. Propatorium, and Michael Moore from HMS Creative Productions


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The second weekend of March will be Marscon 2021 at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Hilton. MarsCon 2022 - March 11 - March 13, 2022 For the 15th year, we'll also be putting on a Propatorium, our traveling prop museum. We've displayed at several different SF, horror and comic conventions around Minneapolis and St. Paul for 15 years, and Marscon was our first. And it'll be our latest! It's always a blast for those of us with a propish nature. It's basically a 3 day long prop party, and who doesn't like that?

The thing I'm most excited about (besides being able to hang with other prop geeks, geeking out over props for a whole weekend), is that Michael Moore of HMS Studios will be one of our Guests Of Honor! Tony did a great job in finding him. HMS Creative Productions, Inc.| Home Page I will have soooooooo many questions for him.

I need to upload over 3 years worth of additional pictures, but if anyone wants to see what we do at the Propatorium, you can see a buttload of pics here: obi10_1999’s albums | Flickr Some pics are from Marscon, and some pics are from other conventions. But you get the idea. Lots of props. To create the envy. Then we tell people about The RPF, and other resources. Victory!


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