Marketing "super 8" NO SPOILERS please.


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Iv'e heard all sorts of things about the marketing of this film.
I really enjoyed the film because the content was such a surprise.
It was a mixture of several types of film, that's mostly because the story is a joining of two seperate project ideas.

I only saw one brief ad, and no other marketing material.
I went to see it because it had the name "Spielberg" on the credits.
I also went to see it to find out if Spielberg could fix "that lost guys" problem with keeping on track story wise.

So one ad, Spielberg's name, and curiosity about how a great filmaker will alter the work of a less favourite artist.

How much marketing did you see, what effect did it have?
I only saw the first couple of trailers. Spielberg and Abrams' involvement probably wouldn't have affected my desire to the movie.

I am interested in their current marketing campaign on Facebook and Twitter. I heard the studio didn't think their target audience (of 14 I suppose) would be as interested as the 30 somethings that were around for Spielberg's other space alien movies.
I don't know much about the twitter part. Can you explain it?
As far as I can tell, it's just a way of trying to create word of mouth interest.

My only high impact memory from the trailer was the sight of a twisted and deformed railway container with an airforce logo.
So it looked like it was going to be a Govt secret on the loose.
My expectation was to see just that, naturally I was happy when the film deliverd about three times more value.
I only saw the commercials and I really liked them because they didn't show you the best parts of the movie and 9 times out of 10 the final best scene of the movie.

They only gave you hints and an idea of what the films was about.
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