Mark III Iron Man suit #352


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Well I figured it's time I stop lurking and start posting my progress on a Mark III Iron Man suit I'm working on.

I chose the Mark III IM suit because I wanted to be unique and try something no one else had ever done before... Or if I couldn't do that, than make the suit that really sort of started it all.

Originally I was just going to make a Mk3 helmet but during that process I was approached by a friend who asked if I'd be willing to help him build a full suit for him. I accepted and we started work on it in the Fall of 2013 - Good grief that's depressing to admit... Progress is slow but it's still progress and hopefully someday we'll have a completed suit.

I'm using a hodge podge of pep files, the majority of them being DancinFool's along with Zabana's boot, and BigTurc's Calf.

A big thanks to those guys for their awesome work!

The first chest and back piece we built I resin'd and rondo'd separately and prematurely took of the supports and so everything sorta just went badly. the back didn't line up with the front and the front caved in around the chest RT and it we decided to cut out losses and start over with a new chest and back. Here I'm connecting the two with strips of cardstock


Chest and back attached

Tried to come up with a way to help the chest and back keep their shape and not get crushed under it's own weight while applying the resin. Ended up hanging it from a cardboard tube which mimicked the curve of the shoulders enough to not warp it too much. Also, it looked kinda cool...

Resin applied


Rondo drying in the chest

more to follow!


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Zabana boot in progress


I tried to keep the heel of the boot flat while the resin dried. Clamping it down worked pretty well.


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Second calf (first one was scaled way too big) completed - Bigturc's pep file used.


My friend trying it out - WOOHOO it fits!


resin and rondo applied


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Thigh started



I was pretty worried that this wouldn't fit. I spent a ridiculous amount of time measuring and rescaling it in an effort to make it fit and be as close as possible to the correct scale in regards to the whole suit. I think this is as good as I'll get.

Pretty and functional


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Since I've let this thread rest for 6 months I figured now would be a good time for an update.

I've put a layer of bondo on the right calf and coated the thigh in resin. I also received the pep'd left calf from my friend to start work on.

My friend also sent over the left arm which I coated in resin and rondo'd on the inside so that they're stable enough to sit in my garage for a while and not get damaged. I also gave the chest/back another coat of rondo to build up it's strength. I really didn't want it to warp.

I was also able to get the other boot pep'd resin'd and rondo'd. Here it is before the resin and rondo.

It was at this point that I had a terrible need to see all the parts together (ignore the messy garage)


A couple weeks back I added a nice smooth thin coat of bondo to the chest.

Well I always mean to make it smooth and thin but I frequently end up with thick and bumpy. Oh well, more sanding practice I guess.

Last week I started the abs. I've got them all done but I'm out of resin so they'll have to wait until I can grab some more.


Excluding the hands - which I think I'll just get printed from shapeways - I think we've only got two more parts to pep - the spine piece and the pelvis. I wish I could make faster progress but at least I'm still making progress.
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