Mark 42 Helmet and Voice Recognition


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So I wanted to show my WIP Mk42 helmet. This was helmet was originally Gimpee's pep file and I converted it so it was 3d printable. Ive been working on it for about a month now and hopefully will have it ready for Chicago Comic Con. Its going to have a motorized faceplate, neopixel strip eyes with working replusor and arc reactor. Oh it's going to have one other little thing...voice recognition!. So I should have a very interactive helmet with a HUD (an lcd in the faceplate) and talking Jarvis. I got the voice recognition chip today and can it's going to be a pain to program but the results will be oh so worth it!. Heres what I have so far! Enjoy


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So to add to the fun of this small project, I'm adding a muscle sensor to the project. I'm going to add this to arm, false readings shouldn't be a problem as I long as I code it correctly. This way, when I lift my arm and flex my bicep it should light the replusor up.


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To handle everything I'm going to use an Arduino, more specifically a Adafruit Pro trinket 5v/16Mhz. The Pro trinket should in theory have enough for I/O connections, if it doesn't I'll have to switch to the Mega 2560.


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Yeah...the equipment already has the mic built in. The mic is going to be put into the jaw and not be seen (hopefully) along with the chip so that way it picks up the commands easier.


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Once I get the code for it ironed out, I'll share everything I used for it. Tomorrow I'm going to try to put up some pics for y'all


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1. Chicago Comic Con?... You must be 'somewhat' close to me? (I live in Milwaukee, WI)
2. What voice recognition platform are you using/did you buy?

I still need to get a decenrt bucket for my..

heres my faceplate, eyes, audio stuff I did a while back:



nice work! I actually live in central MO. As far as voice recognition goes, I'm going to hold that one close to the chest until I get it totally done. So that I can release all my code and list of materials i've been working with. I know that frustrating, but I want to do it that so that way the bumps are ironed out and if somebody wants to replicate it, they can. I'm also thinking about making my own custom voice recognition pcb's with lights and servos so that I can sell them at way cheaper than if you were to buy it separate. This way, anybody who wants J.A.R.V.I.S in a pep or 3d helmet, they can add it no problem. Here's what I have so far done yesterday. I will say that doing dual servos in the helmet was kind of a monster lol

Heres the voice activated faceplate:
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Ok some news updates since I haven't posted in a little over a week. It looks like I won't be going to the Chicago Comic Con :cry but I am still going to get this helmet finished within the next few months. I have been playing with things and looking around on the interwebs at cool things to do to this helmet electronically. Well I happen to stumble over something super awesome but I'm going to have to do some modifications if I want to make it fit inside the helmet along with my big melon lol. So I got to looking around and I found that a kid's toy more specifically the Mindflex toy made by Mattel is actually an EEG device. (No idea what that is? I had no idea at first but let me tell you) It is a chip that records the electrical activity of your brain. Well I got to looking some more and you can actually hack into this toy with about 3 wires to an arduino to see this activity. You can then write a program so that whenever a specific brainwave meets a predetermined threshold, it does an action like move a servo. So essentially you can control servos, lights and other gadgets with you mind. I am going to implement this into this helmet so that I can control the opening and closing of the faceplate with my mind. BTW if you wanted to do this at home, I bought 2 of these Mindflex toys off of good ol' ebay for about $30. It took less than 10 minutes of soldering and then I could see my brainwaves on my computer. So needless to say, this project just took off as far as electronics go. I'm going to try to get some more pictures and videos up by this weekend of everything I've done so far and a list of everything I've used to this point (its a pretty big list)
Also I'm going to try to get the code uploaded to this point so that way if anybody wants to replicate it they can. I just have to figure out Github.

The site(s) I have been using to do this EEG are:


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That is so cool, dude. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress! I might just have to try this out for myself if your's turns out pretty well. Good luck!


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That is so cool, dude. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress! I might just have to try this out for myself if your's turns out pretty well. Good luck!


One a side note---> here's my flickr link for my pics. It's easier to upload straight to there as opposed to here. Also I started laying down some red yesterday and should have it painted red by the end of the weekend. As far the gold goes, I'm unsure because I used that Sunburst gold like everyone has, and I don't really like how it comes out of the can. So I''m going to do a little more research into that this week.

Ps, If you look at my other flickr album, you can see another very cool Ironman project I designed.
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