Mark 42/43 Helmet FIles Ready for 3D Print! -FREE


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This is the model everyone here is always searching for! Its the Mark 42/43 ready for 3d printing! I have printed it, check out my other thread for pics of it and some other cool stuff I'm doing to it. This the Gimpee model that has been converted from a pep file. There are 2 versions in the file, one with the jaw attached and one without (if you want to motorize it). I have scaled it so it should fit a ~7.5 inch head plus I've already ran it through Netfabb Cloud for repair issues. All you have to do is print it!

Front.JPG Jaw Attached.JPG Jaw Unattached.JPG

Backup dropbox location:

Special thanks goes out to gimpee for this model!

P.S. Don't sell this model, I want it to be free for people because it took me awhile to learn how to convert stuff in Blender and I just want to give back to the community! Also I DON'T want this model posted on thingiverse. Thanks -devil
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Did an extra split for typical to the MK3's that are floating around for the bottom back to help keep it clamped on my head. First parts off the printer look solid!
When it starts to come together I'll make sure I upload some pics. Thanks a ton for this! I've been ripping my hair out trying to work with a model I had and was ready to give up!


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IMG_2950.JPG IMG_2951.JPG
Prints came out GREAT! Now to epoxy and prep. Fit up done with hot glue blobs. The thickness is perfect of the parts, thin enough to work the pieces together and thick enough to not worry about an accidental drop.


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Hi , great solid 3d print you got there!. I'm curious about the setup of your print (layer height, how thick is it...)

Thickness if I remember correctly is around 1-1.25mm thick. As far as layer height goes, that is up to you and your specific 3d printer. I've originally printed this helmet at .3mm and it came out great, I then re-printed it at .2mm and it was still good. Like I said, layer height it up to you, thickness is just thick enough not to waste filament but still look good and be solid.


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It's around 7 1/2 inches from ear to ear. It should be enough for you to add electronics, padding and such. But if your worried about it being too big, scale it down to your liking.


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Hi Devildog,
Just thought i'd chime in here - I printed your files and love it - a wee bit neat for me and my melonhead, but I'm gonna reprint after scaling.
I'll use this one to experiment with electronics, hinges and paint etc.
Just at the sanding , filling, sanding ,filling , undercoat stage etc.

THanks for sharing.

12742124_973870862692340_8272912786773837523_n.jpg 12744603_973870792692347_1869155457568946269_n.jpg 12802956_977873268958766_3462340886949150688_n.jpg


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Is it just the helmet that is the same on both suits, or is the full suit them same for both the mark 42 & 43 with different paint schemes?

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