Mark 15 Sneaky, Mark 16 Night Club helmets - free pep files.


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Sorry for the long silence, was very busy.
Once again, I apologize to anyone I might offend.

So, here is my models for community.
Mark 15 Sneaky and Mark 16 Night Club helmets.

Very big thanks to Arnold Perenesenko and SmookCMB for reference pics.
Modeled from scratch, "from a box".

Mark 15 Sneaky helmet, modeled and unfolded by me.


Here's my own builded model.

mk15-1.png mk15-2.png mk15-3.png
...and builded from 10mm foam:

IMG_5040.JPG IMG_5041.JPG IMG_5042.JPG

Sh, here it is:
My own model unfold. Good luck.

Mark 16 Night Club helmet.


mk16-1.jpg mk16-0.jpg mk16-2.jpg

_front2.jpg _compare15-16.JPG _side.jpg

Here it is:
My own model and unfold.

Just one request to anyone who will build it - it's free, so please, post pics here or in own thread - just want to look at the process :)
Always glad to communicate here or on a

PS. Working on these:

Mark 41 Bones helmet. Unfolded.


Mark 45 (Age of Ultron):


Iron Man Moon Eagle:



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wow love that moon eagle helmet.

- - - Updated - - -

wow love that moon eagle helmet. will these be released in paper unfold?
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