Marion Ravenwood Cairo Blouse

Matthew Gresham

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I'm unsure of who to go fo but I'm looking for a Marion Ravenwood blouse based on the Cairo scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark for my girlfriend. Need it in a bigger size than any makers on etsy I've seen. Who can make one with custom measurements?


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My wife dressed as Cairo Marion for Halloween.

LinenFantasyShop has several options.

This is the one my wife got: Plus Size Romanian Blouse Ukrainian Embroidered Blouse Blue | Etsy

Looks like it is only in stock in blue right now. You might be able to contact them. This one comes in sizes medium to 3x. Obviously my wife got it in red embroidery.

They also offer this:

It comes in a medium to 4x with various bust sizes.

It might be worth reaching out to them with measurements and what you are looking for. My wife said she was very pleased. My wife sent her measurements and they checked it against the sizing of the shirts.

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