Mario and vintage video game inspired damp-rid boxes

Wes R

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I'm remodeling my room and decided that even though they're tucked in corners normal damp rid containers are pretty ugly so I'm making a series of 5x5x5 boxes to hide them and covering them with vintage gaming images. The prototype is the "?" box from Super Mario Brothers. As it's the prototype and i found better ways to do things this sucker is going to be one of the ones in my closet that i'm sure won't be seen. I might even remake it eventually. I have made a lid with an opening so the moisture isn't obstructed.
after some filling and sanding i'm going to hit is with yellow primer and then hand paint the question marks and the shadows.
I don't think it'd be too hard to make one that had the sound and make a toy coin pop out. It's way beyond my skills, i couldn't even manage to make this one look good lol. Half of the supplies for the new ones will be here tomorrow, the other parts the hobby shop is taking forever to ship.
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