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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by sblanck, May 16, 2012.

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    Found a clip of Margaret Hamilton on a Mister Rogers episode
    She got into a witch costume and now has me curious if it was the same way or was this one they had on hand on the set of Mister Rogers.
    She seemed very familiar with it and now makes me wonder if the patterns out there are just absolutely incorrect. Its obvious the hat wasnt hers.
    Clip is grainy so hard to tell but to hear her talk about portraying the character is fun.

    Margaret Hamilton on Mister Rogers - YouTube


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    I believe it is a fairly good facsimilie of the original costume. The sleeves are wrong - the puffed part of the upper sleeve did not come down that fair and the wrist was closed with hooks and eyes in the original.

  3. sblanck

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    Yes I agree from an engineering point of view the patterns out there do not make sense from a production point of view. A Hollywood costumer wouldnt have built the costume the way the pattern makers today do. The wife has lots of work to do this summer. I did enjoy how she said boys and girls and even Mr. Rogers could be the witch.

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