Marco Enterprises 1993 Catalog PIC HEAVY

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Requests to see these catalogs come up from time to time so... ENJOY!





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Re: Marco Enterprises 1993 Catalog

awesome... brings back memories... I remember getting a catalog around 1991 or 92 because I was interested in the stormtrooper.... never could come up with the funds. I'm thinking I still have that catalog stuffed away in a box somewhere after all these years! :)


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God, I used to DREAM of owning these things when I was a kid! I'd ordered his catalog out of Starlog and drool over it!


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Seeing the Marco Ent. catalog back in '92-'93 was a HUGE influence on how I got involved in the hobby.
I spent hours drooling over the trooper and saber pics.
I actually used the crappy pics in that catalog as reference to build my own sabers out of sink tubes. Back then, there was almost no reference available and no internet (that I was aware of).
I remember thinking how awesome it would be if one day I could get a hold of one of those trooper suits (that to me at the time looked indistinguishable from the screen used). But it was $800 and I was 19 yrs old and broke. lol

I still have the '94 catalog. It's green.
Thanks for posting!

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