Mapping Westeros

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As an introduction to this project, I've been practising cartography for a number of years now, but only in the last two or so have I gotten to the point where I am marginally satisfied with the results. Here's a link to a few past projects and the evolution of my involvement in map making. On the tail end of my old methods, I drew Middle Earth and the world of the Wheel of Time, and decided it was time to hit Westeros. The former two were only pencil on 8.5x11, which is regrettable after how much time went into them, so I decided to do this one right. It's 24.5x18.5 and will be finished in archival ink.

I will be documenting the progress here, but unfortunately it may be a long WIP. Time is sparing these days, and I'm determined not to rush through it. And of course, I'm open to suggestions and criticism.

(apologies in advance for the blurry picture of the overview)


Outline in pencil and the corner of Essos in ink
01- pencil.jpg

Early progress of the western tip of Essos (bottom right corner)


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welcome to the site!
we can always use more cartographers. your wip is coming along nicely...and i agree don't rush it!
small details take time and the end result will be well worth the time put into it.
i look forward to seeing your work come along and may need you in future projects:cool;)

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Thanks for the warm welcome and encouragement! I'm excited to start down this path, both in mapmaking and other, more tactile props. This is a great community, and am thrilled to be a part of it, however small :)


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Your work is truly beautiful. Is that just normal paper? Cant wait to see the end result. I'm a long time SOIAF fan.


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Super detail. Would love to have a map like this in my office. Good luck on the project. I will be watching the progress.

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Essos update!

Just finished the final touches on the western corner of Essos, adding a few things that were missing before and fixing some of the coastline. I'm not sure what to do about the smaller islands, because the water shading on the larger portion of the coast makes it cluttered and, in my experience, disproportionate when compared to the longer lines required by the larger coast. Until later, it'll have to be a problem for future-self.

02- Essos_smaller.jpg

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@nightwind, I'm actually a member over there already :D
ultraman, I saw a thumbnail somewhere, but missed the full set of pictures. That's awesome! Whoever they are, they did a fine job turning something mundane into a piece of art.
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