Mando helmet 3D print

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Hey everyone. Thought to share my Mando build which also happens to be my first "real" finishing job on a 3D print. Got my first printer this year. I had thought of getting one for a long time but as I was looking for a good Mando 3D model for a friend, I was referred to Great Ape's model right here on RPF and that really was the tipping point and the printer arrived a week later. For a few months I kept churning out small prints, the Mando files always tempting me... After learning the ways of the for...I mean my printer, I decided its time to dive into the deep end and take my chances on a 6-day print with really no support. I can honestly say it was a week with less than adequate sleep, the last day being most harrowing...

I do know casting would be the best way, but not having done any serious print finishing, wanted this to be as much of an exercise in finishing as it is getting a bucket of my own.

Armed with a 2,5 kg spool I was as ready as I was gonna be...



At this point I started to worry more, as it had gone so well...


And some time later:



The very top had very visible lines, so it was filled with some drywall putty and sanded a few times. Then I started going with XTC 3D, diluted with rubbing alcohol and sanded. Did 3 coats of it.


Detail parts test fitted. The parts will be reprinted as not totally happy with the results:


After the resin coats, it was filler primer time:


Very top, the really problematic area, turned out just fine:


Filler primer was then wetsanded:


I did make a few booboos... Accidentally took wrong rattlecan which caused a reaction with the original black paint, resulted in some peeling. After that, I put on a coat of the proper paint, backed onto a leaf blower and ended up dusting the entire helmet. Had that been a TV show, it would have been 5 straight minutes of beeping...

This is where it is now:


Theres both some dust and water on it in the picture.

Some time after the holidays, its metal time...

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That looks freaking amazing. I don’t have an FDM printer (only a resin one) but the ability to print a whole helmet in one go is mighty tempting!


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Would award you persistence points just for "backed on to a leafblower". Also, I'm wildly jealous of this "Print a helmet in one go" thing. I'm currently cocking up a Mando Armourer helmet by failing to keep accurate records of how I split it up. My print bed is 10x10x10. I'm six pieces in, and only four of them actually fit together....

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Thanks everyone!

I did consider printing in sections, but my very smart friend kept telling me not to as they wont fit, but learn the printer (mine is CR-10V2) and then just go. And thank him I do, yes yes.

The leaf blower thing was just unbelievable. I had sanded the helmet after the paint reaction thing and had just put on the paint and it was-even if I say so myself-flawless. Just perfect in every way. I kept rotating the base and was just head over heels on how good it was. Took two steps back...and stepped on one thing not to step on. The leaf blower has a lever on top so you can just set it so its constantly on and you dont need to pull the trigger all the time. Backing up I stepped DIRECTLY on that friggin' lever. So the darn thing starts and tips over, pointing directly at the freshly painted helmet. Its one of those things I couldnt do if I tried!


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Little update since yesterday...I was mostly happy with the finish, but there were a few tiny hairs on the bucket. So in a surge of empowerment I decided to hand polish it and now I am quite happy.


Now I just need to make up my mind as far as the metal finish goes. My initial plan was to use graphite powder, but having tested it on numerous things, I am not very confident getting it on as good as I want. Alumaluster is not available here, and even if it were, the price makes it intimidating to use-I'd hate to mess up paint that pricey. I might go with Stainless Steel Alclad as my tests have been very promising with it.

Do have a question about the visor. I am using the Hobart welding visor. It is flexible, but should it be pre-bent? Also, how do you guys attach yours? I am even toying with the idea of Velcro so I could easily remove/replace it.


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Fantastic painting
If only some people would take a page from your book on how to prep and paint 3D prints.
We have all seen them print lines on other builds !!
but you buddy have nailed it
Very nice
Just remember to keep the leaf blower in another shed or room


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Thanks! Like I said in my original post, this was very much a process of learning the proper way to finish a print and from the very beginning it was my goal to take it seriously. I did leave the ear portions unfinished-save for what filler primer there is-for two reasons. Its covered so why bother, but also to have a point of reference so I can see my progress (and pat myself in the back lol).

I am quite happy with the color, its Alclad Stainless Steel. While it may not be screen accurate, to me its way more important that any given prop I have looks good in person, or I should say looks and feels right to me. That said, I absolutely love the attention to detail I see here every day with awesome 100% screen accurate builds.

As for the leafblower, I removed the battery :lol:

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