Interest Mando Beskar Ingots (metal) with Direct Screen Patterning


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This has been on the shelf for a while, but with Season 3 not too far off, thought I'd temporarily come out of my "prop break" and check the interest level.

I have access to the full front face pattern of the main screen used Beskar ingot seen in Season 1
. Along with the direct screen-transfer of the Imperial stamp (which I have yet to see anyone else do) and the 'billowing' surface, I believe it's possible to make the most screen accurate ingot to date and improve on my first effort. As with the run I did early-on, these would be hand-cast aluminum, made by a small local foundry, then hand-finished by me.

  • The run will be limited to TEN pieces. (A couple extra will be cast in reserve to guard against mishaps.)
  • I'll design and 3d Print a simple stand for each. (I might also number them.)
  • Cost will be $300, shipped per ingot. (You may claim more than one.)

Sign up below but note that SIGNING UP IS BINDING.

Once all ten are claimed, a deposit of $100 per ingot will be collected and the foundry can begin casting while I prep the pattern-transfer and other materials. Once I have all castings in-hand, I'll get to work finishing them. (Note that since I don't run a shop or business, all this is done in my limited spare time, so it may take 2-3 months to finish.) When all copies are done, the remaining balance will be collected, and they will ship.

As part of signing up, I would kindly suggest that you not share any clear full/flat photos of the final ingot on social media or we'll have eBay scalpers making copies in no-time. (Naturally, this can't be enforced, but it would be of interest to everyone on the list to protect their investment!)

I also kindly ask that you please not sign up and then do a 'disappearing act', as I simply don't have the time nor energy to chase folks! :)

Here's a video of the first version I did:

Have a great Halloween!


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Looks like this was DOA, so I'm shelving it for the time being. Maybe there will be some interest come Season 3.
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