Mandalorian IB-94 Blaster with Lights and Sound [3D Printable]


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Demo in Action:
(forgive the crappy quality)

Hi all! I started on this model a few years about 2 3 years ago and it fell by the wayside with work and life, with Mando S3 coming around and my life getting a bit sorted I want to circle back on it and release it to the community along with a how-to videos to make your own.

Here's the github page for the code and the components, I wouldn't buy them yet because I'm still playing with some options with my partner in crime (and the coder) Spidey74


(omg these pics are from 2020, I really gotta find more hours in a day)

Two of the prototypes from today:

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated! I'm holding myself to Mar 1 to have how-to videos, final code (holding Spidey74 ), and models released by then.

I'll post progress here :)
Actually append to that, the models all work so there's no reason to keep it under my hat so I posted them in advance, just keep in mind I may change some things between here and there:

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Only feedback is, brother you gotta take some time for yourself. Between the Dredd run and this sweet looking build, are you even sleeping?:sleep:
I did plan on taking a few weeks off to recover after the Dredd run but life drives me forward. Bucketheads, whom I've provided some props for, has kindly let me film my YouTube intros for my next videos on their set. The catch? I had 5 days to prep, and that was 5 days ago! S3 of Mando is also March 1, so all signs point to just keeping the momentum going.

Here's EP1, it's a pretty amazing production involving over 150 people:

I was going to hold this model for a while longer but I finished modeling it at the beginning of 2020 and I've been 'tomorrowing' for so long I just sorta threw up my hands and posted it yesterday. I'm still going to film the Dredd videos first, but might as well just get this released since the timing's good for anyone wanting one for convention season

And I've I'm being brutally honest, this is pretty fun ;)
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The code for the Mando blast is up to date and complete. Just this week I pushed the latest updates we learned from the Dredd project into the Mando code base. It's a much simpler application, it's been tested, and works great.

Let us know if you have any questions or problems.
By request I did a non-electronic glue together model that still has working action. So you can insert a dummy power switch and a dummy fire button and the selector will click and trigger will still work. The hammer is also optionally movable. I'll get fancy later and do an opening magazine and working hammer mechanism but I don't want to get too distracted from getting the electronic version down. I'll post these to thingiverse tomorrow after finalizing the fit and size but here's some renders, the left side is the same but the right side has a lot of changes:




  • Added action only version by request, add the 7mm momentary push button and Mini Size Black SPDT Slide Switch and then the trigger and selector will move, then glue it all together and you have a far more screen accurate version with moving parts
  • Glue on grips if you don't like screws
  • New more screen accurate safety switch
  • More accurate hammer design
All posted to thingiverse: Mandalorian IB-94 with Lights and Sound by Props3DPro

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