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Ok so I’m new to this specific part of the forum. I know there are some 501st guys here maybe even mandalorian mercs andnothers I could possibly get tips from, anyways I’m building mandalorian armor for the next comic con in my area( hopefully they won’t skip out this year ). I have painted my helmet which was (please don’t kill me) a rubies Jango Fett helmet. I have a little extra to finish up on it but otherwise it’s done. I was going to do foam armor because I’m not particularly looking to get in the mercs or any other group at the moment but if there is a better material I’m open to suggestions. For the undersuit I was going to do black combat clothes and a black vest to put the armor on. Below are the pictures of the helmet.


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Expanded PVC foam board (brand names like Sintra) work great for armor. It's actually about as easy to work with as EVA foam, and a lot more durable.


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ok so long time no see. Been busy. Also signal is horrible where I’m at. Anyways after a long thought I really want to use Sintra for the armor but I have tons of eva foam on hand, so I think I’ll do eva armor and someday do sintra armor.
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