manaquin hands?

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by autobotjohn, Aug 10, 2015.

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    don't know if anyone can help me with this or not but anyone make or know where I can find a pair of male mannequin hands able to hold items like an airsoft m69 grenade launcher? also looking for a pair of terminator 2 t-800 gloves?
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    Why don't you make a cast of your own hands in the exact position that you are looking for? They have simple molding and casting kits for this, if it's something you aren't generally familiar with.

    Finding mannequin hands in just the right position may be a bit hard otherwise. You can always try eBay.
  3. blue2k

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  4. PHArchivist

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    I wonder what would happen if you tried to mold a "hand" directly inside a glove (granted the glove has no holes)...?

    Using plaster, wax, or resin I wonder if you inserted rigid wires in the fingers to shape them how you want, then poured the casting compound to the proper level. Could you shape the palm area as the casting compound begins to set up?
  5. clonesix

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    They need to be flexible enough for a pose. I have seen many examples armature wire, covered in rubber hose for fingers, mounted into a wooden block. The cover with a glove. It is not too expensive, but does require some effort.
  6. PHArchivist

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    Saw that somewhere too...

    Another thought (building on my basic idea) was maybe fill a latex glove with expandable foam (the less aggressive latex type), insert wires in the fingers (careful so not to poke through), then put the entire hand in the leather glove. The latex glove being the "mold" and the skin of the actual hand to insert into whatever glove you are using.

    Wouldn't be very robust, and likely would not hold anything though.
  7. postmanpat

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    I made this Stage 5 lifesize a little while back so I assume you are wanting to make something similar?

    here is the link;

    With the mannequin hands you can simply heat them up using a heat gun and they become flexible. Pull the glove over it and pose it onto the M79 to whatever pose you want. Then you will need to hold it in place until the hand cools and becomes really rigid once more.

    Hope this helps.

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    its really pretty simple:
    take any mannequin hand that will fit yur mannequin arm and cut off the fingers. youll be left with an empty space inside the hand. Fill with foam. then insert twisted clothes hangers into the foam and secure with epoxy. Wrap the clothes hangar wire with tin foil to build up the finger thickness, wrap in duct tape then slide the glove on. Super easy to repose any time you want. Ive done it before with leather gloves, works great

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