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    So there this music artist called manafest and in one of his music videos he has a sort of gas mask like mask worn by people that aren't him(I'm tired and I haven't a clue what to call them). Anyways a few years ago I attended a concert where one of said masks was present and I took a couple reference photos with the intentions of making it. Unfortunately I never quite got around it but now I have some time on my hands and the determination to see this project through. Unfortunately I've hit a few snags in identifying what a few of the parts are, which is why I'm here. I'm trying to identify the copper discs which I believe to be a laptop heatsink, what appear to be some sort of water bottle/canteen lids, and what the lenses might be from. I know the base for the mask is a Hasbro Iron Man kids mask from a few years ago, which I bought awhile ago.
    Link to the music video for those interested.
    218903_4043479322604_303713618_o.jpg 267004_4043479562610_1775786895_o.jpg 291259_4043472722439_1093269639_o.jpg 622829_4043473442457_1635413081_o.jpg

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